Associate Director of A.J. Drexel Plasma Institute

Research Professor, Associate Director of Drexel Plasma Institute and Director of Plasma Energy Lab. His background includes developing new plasma processes and systems for liquid, solid and gaseous waste treatment and production of hydrogen-rich gas from wide range of hydrocarbon fuels (diesel, gasoline, natural gas, and biofuels) for fuel cell, S.I. engines and diesel exhaust after treatment. Another area of his interests is plasma processing of produce (fracking) water from shale gas and oil production. Before joining Drexel Plasma Institute in 2007 he worked 12 years at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Plasma Science Center) as Research Engineer and before that at Moscow State Institute of Non-Ferrous Metals as Senior Research Scientist (1978-1992). In 1999, the plasma fuel converter he developed was named by Discover Magazine as the Invention of the Year in the transportation category. He is co-author of numerous research papers and 18 U.S. patents on the plasma processes for energy and waste treatment applications.

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