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Applied Plasma Chemistry -take power, gas, liquid, and plasma device to make a target reaction

Products, Solutions, and Services

Non Thermal Plasma (NTP) technology provides benefits, cost reductions, and improved regulatory compliance in the energy, agriculture, 3D Printing, industry and manufacturing, medicine, environmental control, and food safety fields. APS works closely with customers to develop custom solutions to fit their needs.

Bringing Non Thermal Plasma technology to the market

APS has established partnerships with businesses and entrepreneurs in the fields of academia, energy, agriculture, environmental control, and medicine. Our vast network gives us confidence in our concept of being a conduit for applied research and an incubator for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to take a product from idea to commercialization.

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The APS team offers the following services to achieve our goal of bringing Non Thermal Plasma technology to companies and consumers worldwide

  • Educating customers about NTP and potential uses
  • Conducting R&D Studies based on customer needs
  • Managing IP rights and ownership processesMike Gallagher
  • Developing prototypes and commercial products
  • Showcasing existing NTP devices and prototype units
  • Providing marketing and sales services
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who would benefit from APS services?

  • Entrepreneurs looking to bring to market a unique product utilizing NTP technology
  • Businesses that can use NTP in their process/product but don’t have the knowledge or staff to develop it further
  • Investors looking to be part of a revolutionary technology that will yield substantial returns


  • Plasma Jet Power supply

    Plasma Jet Power supply

    The APS Plasma Jet power supply is intended for Research and Development purpose and would be ideal for energizing small dielectric barrier discharge based plasma jets for surface science studies.…

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  • Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Power Supply and Electrode

    Dielectric Barrier Discharge (DBD) Power

    A high voltage, microprocessor controlled, research system used by many universities, institutes, and industry members to generate and study dielectric barrier discharges. Discharge pulse duration (and distance between dielectric and…

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  • Plasma Water Treatment Unit

    Plasma Water Treatment Unit

    The latest Plasma Activated Water Device from APS Uses Standard "Push to Connect" Connector Uses Standard US 120 V Outlet Plug Creates Approximately 300 mL per minute Simple Design with…

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  • Plasma Water Treatment Device

    Plasma Water Treatment Device

    The Plasma Water Treatment Device uses a Gliding Arc Plasma Reactor to create water-soluble nitrogen and oxygen species.  These reactive species produced by plasma can benefit seed germination and seedling…

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  • Gliding Arc Plasma Research System

    Gliding Arc Plasma Research System

    Plasma Power Supply for energy and agricultural applications The Gliding Arc Plasma Research System can produce synthesis gas from gaseous (natural gas, propane, butane) and liquid (gasoline, diesel) fuels in partial…

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