The Commercialization Center at AmpTech comprises technology and business experts who facilitate the transfer of innovations from the laboratory to the marketplace.

The AmpTech Commercialization Center is part business incubator, part accelerator, part collaboration center, and part education hub for new technology. 

→ Center of Expertise in Plasma and 3D Printing

  • Applied plasma labs for translational research
  • 3D printer work stations
  • Advanced technology classes
  • Prototyping services

→ Business Incubator

Services include:

  • Receptionist
  • Legal
  • Variously sized offices and cubicles
  • Internet access
  • Phone
  • Conference rooms
  • Onsite 3D printing access
  • Onsite machine shop access
  • Warehouse space
  • Sales/marketing services
  • Customer relationship services
  • Various plasma discharges and devices for applied research onsite
  • Various engineering services onsite (chemical, electric, mechanical)
  • Private parking
  • Prototyping
  • Excellent location; close to Philadelphia, New York, and Washington D.C.

→ Competitive advantages of our business model: 

  • Direct access to plasma expertise
  • Work directly with rare plasma devices
  • Model for education & certification in safely using plasma
  • Envision & create new products otherwise unattainable
  • Well suited environment for high-tech product innovation & commercialization

→ What you get with AmpTech:

  • Operational support for tech support, customer service, marketing & sales, and daily operations 
  • Access to the area's largest companies, manufacturing facilities, 3D Printing, and high-tech hubs
  • Well suited to fast track the ideas-innovation-product launch timeline
  • Private, secure, and fully staffed offices and lab environment
  • Area is known as a hub for energy, pharma, manufacturing, and plasma technologies
  • Education & training with onsite experts in all types of plasma technologies
  • Vast logistics transportation hub at our disposal


AmpTech FloorPlan
Like other incubators, AmpTech is part lab, part tools & equipment, and a shared work environment.  However, the similarity stops there. AmpTech, like the plasma & 3D printing technologies we focus on, is a catalyst for causing fundamental change in industries important to the Mid-Atlantic Region and the rest of the world. We are all about collaboration, so we engage industry partners to work individually or in collaboration with others to help envision, define, and prove the commercial viability of new products for healthcare, energy, environmental control, agriculture, and heavy manufacturing such as aerospace and automotive.

AmpTech is also the first ever professional & highly collaborative hybrid makerspace that combines two cutting edge technologies, plasma and 3D printing, into one makerspace with all the resources needed to take an idea to market. We are part education facility, lab, business accelerator, makerspace, and shared workspace. AmpTech also houses numerous complimentary businesses, collaborating with and mentoring companies using the facility. AmpTech is the economic stimulus platform for Southeastern Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas within the Mid-Atlantic Region.