Plasma applications can benefit many industriesAn ionized gas is referred to as plasma when its electron density is balanced by that of positive ions and it contains a sufficient amount of electrically charged particles to affect its electrical properties and behavior.  Plasma is electrically conductive and reacts with magnetic fields. In addition, plasma can occur naturally but can also exist as man made tools in the laboratory.  As a result, there are multiple plasma applications. Whereas the core of plasma ranges in temperature from 11,000° to 14,500° Fahrenheit , limiting its applicable uses, the non-equilibrium (non-thermal) plasma ranges from room temperature to over 4,500° Fahrenheit. This provides opportunities for a much larger pool of applications and added advantages.

Researchers can use non-thermal plasma as a catalyst for chemical reactions. It can also be used as a “controlled” heat value that can be applied on and off within milliseconds. APS’s main focus of utilizing non-thermal plasma applications are in the fields of Medicine, Energy, Environmental Control, 3D Printing, Industrial Processes, and other applications such as Agriculture.


Plasma Applications by Industry

Plasma has many applications in the field of Energy. It could be applied in the process such as hydrocarbon fuel reforming, gasification, municipal waste, dissociation of hydrogen sulfide, and syngas. Significant application in the environmental control area include sterilization of air, water, and surfaces; reformation of gas (reduce emission). Doctors and researchers make considerable progress in the medicine field while applying plasma technology.  Plasma can treat cancer, heal wounds, coagulate blood, and repair and regenerate micro and nano scale tissue. In agriculture, plasma applications include weather control, plasma acid, and nitrogen infused water.

The following are the main fields and industries in which non-thermal plasma applications can provide the most benefit:








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