Investor Opportunities

The Promise of Plasma

Plasma is a new technology full of promise. Its potential applications are limitless, ranging from wound healing and the reduction of carbon emissions to increasing agricultural productivity and sterilizing water. Above all plasma is a human technology which shows great promise for alleviating causes of human suffering. Along with this promise of change there is the promise of profit. Such a diverse technology can be very rewarding  as it can give a high return on investment. Investors can have have early access through Advanced Plasma Solutions to be involved with various investment opportunities in a game-changing technology.

Our Management Team

The APS business savvy executive team brings over 90 years of combined experience and applied management know-how from companies in the energy, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, manufacturing, technology, and food industries. Their combined skills play a key role in insuring APS knows who the customers are, what the customers require, and meeting those requirements using NTP solutions. APS founders are veterans in business start-ups with established track records in building solid foundations for stable business growth.

Bridging the Valley of Death:

The process of taking an innovative technology from the idea phase to market is potentially very risky. During the initial phase of the commercialization cycle, an idea is conceived. At this point the risk to investors is high but their investment is low. As an idea progresses through the commercialization cycle the risk decreases but the level of investment increases. At a certain point many ideas get stuck in the middle of the commercialization cycle because of a lack of funding or expertise. This point is known as the Valley of Death.


Advanced Plasma Solutions helps to bridge the commercialization Valley of Death. APS links the key players to insure the success of the commercialization projects. One can have a good idea, but this means nothing if they lack the technological expertise, industry expertise, or proper funding to insure success.

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F.A.Q.s about Investing in Plasma Technology:

Below are some frequently asked questions about investing in Non Thermal Plasma technology.

APS is not a publicly traded company, so what am I  investing in?

You have the opportunity to invest in various plasma projects across various industries based on your level of interest.

What are my investment options/what investment model does APS use?

As an investor you can invest in a single plasma project or multiple projects in single or various industries.

What kind of return on investment can I expect?

That depends on the scope of your investment and the maturity of the project. Our team will be glad to discuss with you available opportunities and level of potential involvement.

What is APS doing to minimize risk for investors?

APS gives investors the option to invest in multiple projects across a wide range of industries such as agriculture,medicine, energy, 3D Printing, and Environmental control. This decreases risk for investors by spreading it over a wide area of relevant interest and comfort to investors.