APS Staff

Executive Team

The APS Executive Team consists of a dynamic group of individuals with various and distinct entrepreneurial business experiences, backgrounds, and expertise. Combined, they have over 110 years of executive involvement and professional competence in the energy, pharmaceutical, medical equipment, manufacturing, technology, and food industries. Although the Executive Team consists of diverse people, they are all about dedication to serve a customer, to be innovative and proactive, and to find ways that are not only beneficial for and expand company’s potential, but serve the community and society by providing solutions on the national and global scale to solve or lessen environmental, agricultural, medical issues.

Advisory Board

  • Pete Hoekstra

    Senior Strategic Advisor...

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  • Christopher Harvin

    Founding Partner at...

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  • John B. Shadegg

    John B. Shadegg,...

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Scientific Advisory Board

  • Alexandar Fridman

    Director of A.J...

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    Associate Director of...

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    School of Biomedical...

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