Engineering Technician

Advanced Plasma Solutions is looking for motivated engineering technicians to join our team.  We are investigating and developing new applications for low temperature, non-local thermal equilibrium, and atmospheric plasmas.  Areas of application include environmental remediation, energy production and medicine.  The successful candidates will be hands on individuals with the following skills and experience:

  • Hands on approach to all aspects of a project including design, manufacture and testing
  • Strong understanding of mechanical, electrical, and material theory and application
  • Mechanical and electrical drafting and modeling experience (Solidworks or similar required)
  • System design and specification experience [including instrumentation and analysis such as flow metering (gas and liquid), power, current-voltage (oscilloscope, multimeters, and other), temperature, and pressure]
  • Vendor ordering and quoting experience
  • Mechanical manufacturing and assembly experience (drill press, lathe, band saw, and other professional machining)
  • Electrical manufacturing and assembly experience (analog circuit design, wiring, soldering, power supplies, variac, sensoring, etc.)
  • Comfortable executing experimental matrices on a variety of systems with feedback and direction from engineers
  • Ability to think critically and provide valuable input to engineers in process/product development

Experience with plasma systems would be advantageous but is not required. The candidate should be self -motivated, a good communicator, and a team player. A BS in engineering is preferred, though those with experience in the vital areas above will be considered regardless of educational level.

To contact us regarding this position:

E-mail your resume and relevant information to [email protected]

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