Plasmaponics™ Overview

Plasmaponics™ is a patent pending technology for delivering nutrients to plants in order to enhance plant growth and health. It creates plasma water and plasma air that contain reactive nitrogen and oxygen species and then directly delivers them to plant roots.  This unique device integrates into your current growing system to reduce the need for added chemicals and to promote plant growth and health.

How it works

A gas discharge (plasma) is caused via a plasma power supply in a gas flow containing oxygen and nitrogen, which ionizes the gas flow, creating ions, radicals, and reactive species. This discharge provides a number of key chemical processes:

  • The plasmachemical production of NO and NOx
  • Plasmachemical production of ozone
  • The plasmachemical production of reactive
    species including (but not limited to)
    OH, HO2, and O(3P)


Key Benefits

  • Delivers nutrients to plant roots in an efficient and innovative manner
  • Point of use device
  • No chemicals used
  • Increased root system growth
  • Minimizes water usage
  • Economical process
  • Works in hard to grow environments
  • Reduces plant growth cycle
  • Increases plant immune system


Product Details

  • Device size: 40" x 18" x 8"
  • Power requirements: 300 Watts
  • Plastic and metal outer housing
  • Internal air pump
  • Six (6) 8 ft long tubes included
  • Manifold with 6 valves with on/off switches
  • Air flow: 800 ft3/hr
  • Reactive species saturation: 1 PG
  • Integration possible with deep water systems, hydroponic systems, and aeroponic systems

Contact us today to learn more about this technology and / or be an early adopter of our field testing systems.

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