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The Plasma Growth Accelerator is the flagship product of PlasGro, a subsidiary of Advanced Plasma Solutions.  We call it Nature’s Plant Supplement because it is made with plasma technology which mimics the natural phenomenon of thunderstorms.

How it Works

Plasma reacts with air in the same way lightning does during a thunderstorm. The massive electrical force of the plasma extracts reactive nitrogen species (like NO, NO2, and NO3) and oxygen species (like H2O2) from the air. Before we let these reactive nitrogen and oxygen species disappear, we preserve them in cold water so that you can deliver them to your plants!

We call this nutrient rich water the Plasma Growth Accelerator. The best part? We make this revolutionary product with only air, electricity, and water. There are no chemicals added and it is entirely environmentally friendly! That means no more waiting around for thunderstorms to get nature’s best plant supplement! You can now grow BIGGER, GREENER, and STRONGER plants by using the Plasma Growth Accelerator.

The benefits of using the Plasma Growth Accelerator for your plants

  • Bigger plants
  • Greater yields
  • Greener leaves
  • Water conservation
  • 100% chemical free
  • Stronger root systems
  • Healthier looking plants
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Certain users have claimed to see increases defense capabilities of plants

You can simply grow better, stronger, and healthier plants with the Plasma Growth Accelerator. It is the natural power of lightning in a bottle! And there is no need to worry about hurting the environment! Our product is all natural and 100% chemical free!

Plasma Growth Accelerator in Large Quantities

If you have a large growing operation and want to take advantage of this innovative product, PlasGro can help.  We can make and ship our growth accelerator in any quantity to meet your needs.  Contact us to place your large quantity order.

Learn More!

For more information about our product, visit our PlasGro website.

To learn more about how plasma technology can benefit plant growth, visit our page on agriculture.

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