Gliding Arc Plasma Research System

Plasma Power Supply for energy and agricultural applications

The Gliding Arc Plasma Research System can produce synthesis gas from gaseous (natural gas, propane, butane) and liquid (gasoline, diesel) fuels in partial oxidation and steam reforming modes of operation. It also can be used for CO2 sequestration and cleaning of gaseous products of biomass, coal, and municipal wastes gasification.


Potential System Research Applications

  • Processing of gaseous impurities
  • Conversion of hydrocarbons
  • Liquid processing for surface modification and sterilization
  • Air treatment and sterilization
  • Water treatment/processing
  • VOC emission reduction
  • And more!


The Gliding Arc Laboratory Plasma System includes:

  • GlidArc Plasmatron adapted for specific application
  • Thermally Insulated Plasma Reactor for reforming of hydrocarbons into synthesis gas
  • Control Panel equipped with rotameters, pressure gauges, and valves
  • High voltage variable power supply (power level up to 500 W)


Technical specifications

  • Input voltage 110V AC, 60 Hz;
  • Type SMPS (switching mode);
  • Switching frequency ~30 kHz;
  • Output power ~0.5- 3kW (varied in steps);
  • Output voltage and current monitoring;
  • Overload protection


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