Managed Services

Managed Services involves collaborating with other companies to bring new plasma technology to market

Managed Services involves collaborating with other companies to bring new plasma technology to market


Managed Services is one of four divisions of APS: Managed Services, Product Solutions, AmpTech, and APS Plasma Alliance. Managed Services is the business that APS conducts for its customers. The overall purpose of Managed Services is to commercialize new products and solutions in non-thermal plasma (NTP)  technology. We as a company have 4 strategic business units that together make us as whole.

Managed Services conducts business with other companies by collaborating with them to bring new products and services to market that utilize NTP technology. There are two major focuses: products and solutions.


APS can offer customized solutions to our customers using non-thermal plasma technology. We research how plasma could potentially fix or help with the problem. We then develop a solution to best meet the needs of our customers.


managed services - products

The Plasmaponic™ system of one of many products developed by Advanced Plasma Solutions

APS looks for and works with customers and/or collaborators who will immediately benefit from our game-changing products. When we find a customer who will greatly benefit from this new product, we work with them to develop a prototype unit that they can test in the field. While working with a customer, APS owns the Intellectual Property (IP). We also have a contractual obligation with customers to license the IP specifically where they will use it.  

Either APS or our customers may have an idea on how plasma could be used to develop a new product that could be beneficial to them. For example, plasma technology could provide a competitive advantage, or make a current product easier to produce. We help our customers from the idea-stage all the way through mass-producing and selling the product.

Managed Services

Managed Services is APS’s way of providing services to customers to bring to market new products and solutions that utilize plasma technology. APS can manage the whole life cycle of bringing new products and solutions to market for our customers. We can also work with a customer on different states of the cycle and give them ability to manage every phase to make sure that the project goes in the right direction for them.


Contact us here if you are interested in collaborating with APS to bring a new plasma-based product to market.

To learn more about how we can help companies like yours, check out our maker space, AmpTech!