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Hon. Daniel Pipes

Daniel Pipes, a historian, is the president of the Middle East Forum. A former official in the U.S. departments of State and Defense, he has taught at the University of Chicago, Harvard, Pepperdine, and at the U.S. Naval War College. Mr. Pipes has written sixteen books. His bi-weekly column is published in The Washington Times,National…
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Fred Zeidman

Fred S. Zeidman acts as chairman of Gordian Group LLC, a leading U.S. investment bank specializing in board-level advice in complex, distressed or “story” financial matters. He has served as director of SPCI since July 2013, as chairman of Petroflow Energy Corporation and Petro River Oil Corporation since 2011, as director of Hyperdynamics Corporation since…
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Richard Fox

Richard M. Fox is the president & CEO of mClinical Technology Inc., a mobile health information technology company specifically designed to enable physicians to be more efficient and effective in the environments where EHR usage is mandated. Richard presently serves on the board of directors of Vixxo Corp (Scottsdale, AZ) and Interactions Corp.(Franklin, MA). He…
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Sharon Zaid

Mr. Zaid served Bazan Group, Ltd. as VP Operations Shared Services between 2012-2014, running multiple company divisions, overseeing 500 employees, and responsible for approximately $500 million in activity. In the course of his cross-functional activities, Mr. Zaid managed operations relevant to polyolefins, aromatics, waxes, and basic oils. He also handled multiple $100 million projects relevant…
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Ronen Chitterer

Mr. Chitterer climbed the executive ladder at Haifa Basic Oils, Ltd. and its newly-associated parent company, Bazan Group, Ltd., between 2000 – 2014, from Process & Development Manager, then to V.P. Operations, and then to CEO of the Haifa Basic Oils division of Bazan, Israel’s leading oil refining & petrochemical conglomerate. While at Bazan, he…
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